Projects: Obstruction Series

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The first installation of works from this series will be sponsored by the City of Miami Beach/ Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority during Art Basel for "No Vacancy". This exhibition celebrates artists, provokes critical discourse, and invites the public to experience Miami Beach’s famed hotels as destination art spaces. This year, No Vacancy will present ten temporary public art projects from November 18, 2021 through December 9, 2021. 
View the work in person at the Marseilles Beachfront Hotel or virtually and caste your vote for "People's Choice"
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We have begun to work on pieces with large scale, immersive installations in mind. The works on this page are both stand alone pieces, as well as parts that will eventually make up a larger installation. 

As artists, we are inspired to create work with underlying themes of consumption, environmentalism, and connection. We are currently working to create an immersive installation exhibition of sculptural works using repurposed/recycled materials that while aesthetically pleasing, are critiques on normative behavior of indifference.

Consumerism, pollution, and politics converge daily, and the long-term effects remain debated and neglected while the planet and our communities suffer. The exhibition goal would be to raise a deeper understanding and awareness for our everyday impact on our environment while highlighting individual responsibility towards each other and the planet. 


These pieces aim to raise an awareness of our dependence on the vast and hidden networks of utility pipes of our modern world. While this infrastructure is necessary for modern societies, it also comes at a significant environmental cost that can cause conflicts between our neighborhoods via natural disasters and human pollution. Drainage pipes clogged with plastic bags, industrial sludge and human debris are common sites in our community. Environmental agencies struggle to maintain these networks and those responsible are left unaccountable.

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Completed Works and Process

The pieces in this series are made using repurposed industrial pipes which are stuffed with recycled/sustainable hand-dyed, multi-colored canvas strips.

Would you like to be involved?
Our favorite source for canvas is from from construction sites. If you or someone you know has recently done a repaint or remodel and used canvas dropcloths, we happily take donations and will put them to good use.