KX2 is a collaboration of sisters Ruth Avra and Dana Kleinman, combining their individual artistic strengths to create mathematically inspired sculpture through the fusing of metal and painting. The work is bold and geometric from a distance, yet up close, the textural hand-sanded metal and multi-layered paintings engages the viewer.  Through the exploration of geometry, symmetry and connection, their work aims to create a moment of pause, inviting the viewer to escape the stresses of the day and find a space to achieve balance.


Since the establishment of their artistic collaboration in 2007, KX2’s work has been featured in notable galleries and museums around the world. Importantly, the work was catapulted into the international art scene with an invitation to represent the United States at the 2008 Beijing Biennale at the National Art Museum of China. Numerous private, corporate and public art collections throughout North America contain KX2 works of art.


Ruth Avra and Dana Kleinman currently reside in Florida.

Process Description of 3D Wallsculpture: Sheet metal is bent then welded in corners to create an open back box construction. Textural painting on canvas is inserted from behind and seen through cutout shapes in the metal. A backing of sheet metal seals the entire piece together. 

We are environmentally conscious of our material choices, using up to 50% recycled aluminum and recycled canvas.

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Special thanks to brilliant photography by Seb Etinger, Matthew Holler and Anna-Liisa Nixon. 

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