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KX2 is a collaboration between Ruth Avra and Dana Kleinman, sisters and artists whose practice revolves around the fusion of metalwork and painting. Their artwork delves specifically into the domain of data research, with a particular emphasis on climate change and water infrastructure, in order to illuminate pressing environmental concerns.


Employing a blend of repurposed and sometimes salvaged industrial materials with more traditional artistic mediums such as paint on canvas, KX2’s work yields a distinctive visual encounter. At an initial glance, these artworks captivate the observer with their bold forms, color and textures. Yet, upon closer inspection, viewers can unravel a visual narrative addressing themes such as environmental concerns, infrastructure, and overdevelopment.


Each artwork conceived by KX2 seeks to raise an awareness of and foster an appreciation for the fragile balance needed between our natural ecosystems and industry.


Since establishing their artistic collaboration in 2007, KX2’s work has been featured in notable galleries and museums around the world.  Importantly, the work was leveraged to the international art scene with an invitation to represent the United States at the 2008 Beijing Biennale at the National Art Museum of China. Their work can be found in numerous private, corporate and public art collections throughout North America.  Avra and Kleinman currently reside with their individual families in Southern Florida.

KX2 is environmentally conscious of material choices, using up to 50% recycled metals and recycled canvas.



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Special thanks to Sebastian Eddinger, Matthew Holler, Carina Mask and Christina Mendenhall for the beautiful photography on this site

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